Stiftelsen Institutet för Framtidsstudier (IFFS)

Stiftelsen Institutet för Framtidsstudier (IFFS)

The Institute for Futures Studies is an independent research foundation and conducts advanced research within the social sciences. This is in line with the task of the institute, which is to promote a future-oriented perspective in Swedish research. The institute should therefore not only use but also develop useful methods and theories. The institute also promotes an open and broad discussion about threats and possibilities to future social development. One of the outlets for the research done here is the seminars and workshops the institute organizes, which are sometimes oriented towards the general public.

A vast new research program is being developed, stretching over five years, which focuses on social change in the 21st Century. The program has four cores: (1) analyses of segregation and integration processes in Sweden; (2) analyses of value changes and value conflicts using the World Values Survey; (3) analyses of the demographic aspects of economic development, and (4) the use of advanced agent-based simulation techniques to predict likely future developments.

The analysis of the demographic aspects of economic development has played a prominent role at the Institute in our efforts to better understand the relationship between economic and welfare state development. One issue that has been awarded much attention at the institute is the extent and patterns of inter-generational transfers, since these transfers influence how demographic, social and economic changes interact with one another.

Examples of demographically oriented projects at the Institute include:

Intergenerational transfers of economic resources – trends and international comparisonsHousehold work as an Intergenerational transferDemographic changes and the welfare stateIFSIM – an agent-based simulation model for analysing long-term demographic-economic interactions.

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