Stakeholder Forum (SF)

While the active involvement of a Scientific Advisory Board is aimed at ensuring high scientific quality of the various steps of the project, the Stakeholder Forum will help to maintain relevance, identify needs for further research, and find ways to communicate the scientific outcome of the project.

To extend the dialog, stakeholder groups will receive updated information such as project news, working papers and policy briefs by email. They will also be approached during the course of the project on specific issues related to their expert knowledge and will be invited to participate in meetings.

A specific entry on the website of AGENTA has been set up for stakeholders where relevant information will be provided. Stakeholders are invited to submit comments. Also, information relevant for stakeholders will be published by Population Europe, where results not only from AGENTA but also other demographic projects are presented.

The final conference will comprise all researchers involved in the project as well as representatives of the scientific advisory board and the stakeholder forum, like at the kick-off meeting held in January 2014. In between these two meetings, three smaller workshops will be organized where only members of currently active work packages will meet and depending on the topic selected experts from the advisory board as well as the stakeholder forum will be invited.

AGENTA Stakeholders are

European Economic and Social Committee (EESC)

European Commission

University of Malaya (Kuala Lumpur)

Institute for Economic Research

World Bank Group

AGE Platform Europe