Hungarian Demographic Research Institute (HDRI)

Hungarian Demographic Research Institute (HDRI)

Founded in 1963 by the Central Statistical Office in consent with the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the Hungarian Demographic Research Institute is the national centre of demographic research in Hungary currently employing 19 full time researchers. The research portfolio of the institute includes all fundamental fields of demography, such as fertility, nuptiality, mortality and migration. HDRI regularly carries out long-term population projections; it is involved in research in historical demography; it puts a special emphasis on the inter-relationship between economic, social and population processes such as economic demography and the analysis of social values and norms of demographic behaviour. Researchers of the Institute conduct policy oriented applied research for the administration on a regular basis.

HDRI is involved in several European comparative research projects such as the Generations and Gender Program; the DIALOG project (Population Policy Acceptance Study – The Viewpoint of Citizens and Policy Actors Regarding the Management of Population Related Change); NIEPS (Network for Integrated European Population Studies). HDRI will host the European Population Conference in 2014.

Regular publications of HDRI include a Research Reports Series (in Hungarian), Working Papers on Population, Family and Welfare (in English), the quarterly journal Demográfia, with an annual English issue (Demography), Research Highlights (in English) and a quarterly newsletter KorFa (in Hungarian).

agenta Team

Robert GÁL (Mr.)
Lili VARGHA (Ms.)
Gábor KÉZDI (Mr.)
Janos Divenyi (Mr.)
Erszebet FOLDHAZI (Ms.)
Levente PAKOT (Mr.)
Lajos BALINT (Mr.)


Hungarian Demographic Research Institute
Buday László utca 1-3, 1024 Budapest, HUNGARY




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