Lunds Universitet, Centre for Economic Demography (LUND)

Lunds Universitet, Centre for Economic Demography (LUND)

The Centre for Economic Demography (CED) belonging to Lund University includes more than thirty scholars active in the fields of economic history, economics, social medicine, social work and statistics who are involved in research on economic and social issues connected to demography, from modern as well as historic aspects and with international comparative perspectives. In 2006, the CED was awarded one of the first twenty so called Linnaeus Grants - a new form of long-term research funding financed by the Swedish Research Council (Vetenskapsrådet) directed towards specifically strong research environments. The Linnaeus Grant, awarded after national competition between applicants from all research fields, has provided the Centre with a ten-year research funding and the establishment of a Research School that will safe-guard a supply of new talented scholars in the area of economic demography. In addition, the CED has research programs and projects funded by several national and international research agencies. It also manages several individual-level longitudinal databases of which the Scanian Economic Demographic Database (SEDD) covers the period 1646 until today. In addition to its Research School, the CED takes part in national and international educational programs at PhD and Master levels.

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Cécile BROKELIND (Ms.)
Kirk SCOTT (Mr.)
Jonas HELGERTZ (Mr.)
Haodong QI (Mr.)
Gustav ÖBERG (Mr.)


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